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Friday, August 5, 2022

Coach Notes


  1. Target Time each set: sub 4 minutes

  2. Time Cap each set: 6 minutes


The Stimulus for todays workout is high intensity for both sets. You will have a 5:00 rest between with a shorter workout so that means we can push the pace a little faster than normal and recover the best we can between.

The style of the first workout is “Rounds” and the second workout is a “Chipper”, but they both have the same movements and total volume.

Let’s see if we can have matching times with 2 different rep schemes!


Chest to Bar: For workout one the goal should be unbroken for 3 rounds and 1-3 sets for workout 2. Depending on skill level and grip fatigue we may have to adjust on the fly to avoid burning out and causing athletes to over rest. Make sure to keep legs and hips working together with a powerful kip every time to help save the arms.

Burpees to Bar: We want to attack these at a steady pace that won’t completely throw our heart rate out the door. Yes we want to be aggressive, but at a pace that allows us to only need a 5-10 second breather (or less) before picking up the bar for squats. Remember burpees are to the bar, ideally 6″ outside of max reach. Use a quick jump and get back to the ground quickly.

Front Squat:  Weight should be selected where you can hit 10 reps unbroken comfortably (under 60% 1RM). Like the pull ups, the first workout with these should be unbroken sets. The second workout should be 1-2 sets. Squat cleaning the first rep will be the most efficient and making sure to breathe through every rep with a tall torso will help maintain good positioning.

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