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Monday, August 8, 2022


  1. Clock should be set to 7-minute intervals counting UP! Please do not set a running clock up to 21-minutes.

  2. Athletes should be able to look at the clock after their 3 sets each round and know exactly what their score is.

  3. Score is slowest round of the three rounds.

  4. Weights should be singles on the squat cleans. No problem if athletes power clean then ride each rep into a squat clean.

  5. Toes-to-bar should be three sets or fewer.

  6. Stimulus: sub 3:30/each round (1:10/set). Athletes will rest in whatever time they have remaining before the next round.


How to Pace: STEADY pacing will be the smart approach for this workout. With a strong emphasis on grip and multiple rounds/sets, we definitely don’t want to be pushed to our limits early on.

How it should Feel: GRIPPY with a CARDIO kick to it. Reps and weight are not crazy high, so this will make for a fun, non-stop effort through the multiple sets.


Toes to Bar: Looking ahead at the cleans where singles will be the definite choice, we would love to see unbroken or, at the very least, two quick sets.

Squat Cleans: Weight is moderately heavy (around 70%) and should most definitely be performed in singles. Try to keep a consistent pace and not over rest between lifts.

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