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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


  1. Clock: Should be counting UP because the score is total time elapsed (including the rest!)

  2. Big Classes: Divide up the group to 2 sections. Have one group row while the other group runs. TRY to avoid this, but if you don’t have enough boxes, start each group every 90-seconds.

  3. Target Time: sub 14 minutes (counting the 1:00 rest each set)

  4. Time Cap: 20 minutes


How to Pace: This workout is a SPRINT and try to recover, and by sprint we mean controlled and somewhat maintainable (around 85-90%) with a 1:00 recovery.

You have to take some chances early on to finish this workout faster than the rest. 1 extra burpee each set goes along way.

How it should Feel: You are going to feel everything in this workout if you approach it right. Sure you can take the easy route and coast the row into a few burpees and drag it out…. don’t let this happen with the purple + level athletes!


If you have athletes that can’t run today, have them ski the same # of calories.

Ski: Don’t hold back on this, pacing should be around 90%. Don’t hold your breath (common sense) breathe through the motion and look to somewhat recover the last 1-2 calories for a smoother transition. Goal should be sub 40 seconds.

Burpee Box Jump Overs: You have to have a realistic goal to finish within the target time. Reps need to smooth and non-stop, try and see if you can hold 15-20 reps to finish near the target time.

If the ski takes you sub 40 seconds then that means with a 5 second transition you should have roughly 75 seconds of work. If you can average 3-4 reps every 15 seconds that puts you right on pace, anything extra is very helpful down the road.

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